Reserve Ammiq, also known as Domaine Skaff, is part of Nature Farms a company of which the shareholders are third generation farmers.

  • The Domain is located in the Bekaa Valley, about 900 meters above sea level with, an average yearly rainfall of 600 mm and 300 days of sunshine.

  • It is known that more than any factor, the quality of the grapes determines the quality of the wine.

  • The estate’s methods are inspired by the strict control of yields to maintain the quality of the grapes by non irrigating the grapevines and which part of them are over 50 years old.

  • Chemical fertilisers are never used in favor of organic fertilisers.

  • The use of machinery is restricted to only plowing the land.

  • Harvesting is done by hand: hand picking of grapes has the advantage of choosing only the ripe and superior quality grapes.

Peter Skaff our ambitious winemaker follows each step from the vines to the bottles.

  • Only uses wild indigenous yeast, present in the vineyard, on the surface of grapevines and the grapes themselves, during fermentation.
  • Uses stainless steel vats, equipped with computerized temperature control.

  • Ages the Chateau 18 to 24 months in French and American oak barrels until bottling.

  • These contributes to the unique expression of flavors and aromas that Reserve Ammiq has.